2020 in One Picture

December 29, 2020

My husband Julio César snapped this picture while he was driving. It shows 3 traffic signals. Two of them have both the green and red lights on, the other has…

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Finally Home

November 21, 2020

On a hot, sunny afternoon, the week of July 22, 2019 I finally felt at home.

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Meet 5 (ok, more than 5) women who are thriving in the fight

October 19, 2020

During times of great chaos, innovation is key. If anyone would have asked you last October how you would be spending your 2020, neither you nor I would have been…

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Rendering of a laptop computer

Welcome to the new

September 3, 2020

Hi! I’m Denise Padín Collazo and welcome to my new website. I grew up in Castroville, California. As a young person, I got involved in the fight for justice in…

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Latinos must acknowledge our own racism, then we must pledge to fight it

June 8, 2020

In the days after George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police, we have seen thousands of people protest across the country demanding change. They are a result of inhumane and unjust systems that have wreaked havoc on black communities for generations and leadership that has failed to hold police accountable.

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